07-11-2023 Meeting Minutes

Starke County Park Board

July 11, 2023

Meeting Minutes

Present: R. Ballard, R. Ritzler and S. Byer

R. Ballard called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM

R. Ritzler made motion, seconded by S. Byer and it was passed 3-0 to accept the minutes from the June 13, 2023 meeting.

An update was given by A. Giuliani that the pier permits were approved by the DNR and they will begin going in on July 15th. Estimated completion 3-7 days.  Also, the DNR determined that a swim rope located within the No Boat Zone would not be a boating hazard nor be considered a taking of the lake. If so desired, we may rope off a swim section within that area.

T. Williams gave a LWCF Grant update stating that Troyer needs more information. She will gather and submit that by 7/21. We should know if the grant was awarded sometime in August.

T. Williams will work on an on-line reservation system for the campground as a winter project.

A salary increase was requested by T. Williams. It was decided the board will do an evaluation and it was tabled until it is conducted. R. Ballard instructed T. Williams to have Rachael put this on the commissioner’s agenda.

Superintendent report included that the back of the campground area has been cleared and is being used to store trailers and over flow parking, new grills were installed at the beach and guardrails were repositioned at Kramer Beach.

The kayak launch program was discussed. K. Norem will give $15,000 of the $30,000 CVC grant money to K. Estock to take over the launch at Wythogan Park while the Park Dept. will use the remaining for construction of the English Lake launch. Motion was made by S. Byer to accept this move was seconded by R. Ritzler and passed 3-0. S. Byer suggested getting with WKVI to assist in establishing a sponsorship program offering Gold and Silver acknowledgments for donors wanting to assist in generating the necessary matching funds.

R. Ritzler made the motion to approve claims to be paid, seconded by S. Byer and passed 3-0.

Campers expressed concern over the current dog situation at the campground stating some dogs are defecating on other camper’s lots, leashes too long and dogs allowed to run free and in fences on some lots. They feel these fences create an environment where the dogs are allowed to bark and chase people and other dogs that are passing by.  The board decided to have the attorney amend the current lease to prohibit tethering of unattended dogs, no leashes longer than 6’, and no fences allowed for dogs to run free. S. Byer made a motion to accept, R. Ritzler seconded and it passed 3-0.

Meeting adjourned at 6:45 PM.