11-11-2022 Meeting Minutes

Starke Co. Parks Board Meeting

November 9, 2022


Board members present; R. Ballard, T. Busch and S. Byer

Meeting was called to order at 6:05 PM

A motion was made by S. Byer, seconded by T. Busch to approve the minutes from the Oct. 11, 2022 meeting. Passed 3-0

A report was given by A. Giuliani regarding an inspection report received from the IDEM regarding a complaint filed by the Haug’s regarding illegal dumping of sand on the beach. Pictures were taken on 9/7/22 with an additional 2 photos not dated. It was determined that those were very dated pictures from when the county placed the sand on the beach. KLA members believe the sand has been there for approximately 2 years. The county provided the sand from the Yellow River.  We will wait for a call from the IDEM to know specifically how to respond to their letter.

The Haug’s have had their property surveyed and we were able to obtain a copy. It shows that they have gained some space on the beach front of the property but also shows that their fence row that runs along Cherokee Rd. is on county property. The board agreed that we will contact our attorney to draft a letter to them instructing them to move their fence. Specific distances will be included from the surveyor prior to them recording their survey.

C. Hensell shared their frustration with the amount of grass they have planted on the beach. T. Williams suggested a complaint be filed with the IDEM regarding this issue.

The KLA members will work with T. Williams in completing the application necessary for the group to complete the beautification project.

The signs have been picked up and awaiting getting the necessary posts and then the county will assist in placing the new signs.

Bass Lake Beach House/Trailhead committee discussion was tabled until next meeting.

T. Williams presented the Beaver Agreement submitted by B. Wakeland that will ensure the Parks Department’s involvement in maintaining the water flow through the marsh. It will be sent to the attorney for finalization.

Tree trimming was completed at the campground. Winterization of all water lines were also completed at both the beach and campground. Weeks have been spent cleaning and burning of leaves at the campground. It would not have been possible without the many volunteers that assisted.

A combination lock for the campground gate has been purchased and all seasonal campers will be notified of the code.

T. Williams has completed the first drawing of the pier lay out that will be submitted to the DNR to confirm it is in the correct format before completing the other two. Once confirmed, she will finish all drawings, complete the permit application and submit to the DNR for approval.

T. Williams gave a financial report and will be attending a Commissioner’s meeting on 11/21/22 to gain approval to move some funds from different accounts, ensuring the budget will be sound.

Jim Brown from the Veterans group asked about the committee that was supposed to be formed. Also, there was Dick Beacham and another reprehensive equally interested in participating on this committee. K. Swihart is in the process of forming the committee that will be represented by all the local posts. He was not in attendance for this meeting but will be working on this project and contacting everyone regarding the status.

J. Brown mentioned that there was to be an appreciation dinner for all of those who contributed both financially and physically to get the Veteran’s Memorial Project completed. Tickets were sold for this but was cancelled due to COVID and never rescheduled.  It was committed that research will be done to identify who will be invited and have projected a spring reschedule for this dinner.

Also discussed was the Congressional Medal of Honor that was promised for special recognition and that there is no name on the eagle. D. Ballard will look into getting Mr. Ono’s name on it.

T. Busch made a motion to adjourn, seconded by S. Byer and passed 3-0

Meeting adjourned at 6:48 PM