07-12-2022 Meeting Minutes

Starke County Park Board Minutes – July 12, 2022
Present: R. Ballard, R. Ritzler and K. Swihart. Meeting called to order by Mr. Ballard at 6:07 P.M.
Motion to approval of minutes of June 14th meeting was made by R. Ritzler, seconded by K. Swihart and passed 3-0.
K. Swihart motioned to approve financial report, seconded by R. Ritzler. Passed 3-1.
R. Ballard announced the resignation of C. Kopka. Ads have been placed in search of a new superintendent. A. Giuliani and R. Boostra are overseeing operations until the position can be filled.
Giuliani reported that credit cards are now accepted by the Parks Dept. Richard from our IT department has the internet up and running. There will be a few needed tweaks but it should be good. Reported projected revenue through the rest of the season is estimated at $34,872.00.
R. Boostra reported the current sewer situation. It was necessary to call out a plumber on Father’s Day and again on 4th of July. At that time the auger became lodged, requiring an excavator to come out. Hill Excavating dug up the sewer line, placed new piping and fixed the issue. They proposed to jet the main sewer line for $1,500.00, opening it from the manhole to the lift station. R. Ritzler motioned to approve, seconded by K. Swihart. Passed 3-0.
We are still waiting on a formal proposal for replacing the sewer pump and fixing the control panel.
R. Ritzler reported on the Bass Lake Beach House/Trailhead project. This process started 2 years ago when money was awarded to Starke County. The decision was made to take the existing building down and the board voted to support a trailhead building to be placed at Bass Lake Beach. R. Ritzler has proposed a committee be formed to get this project going, suggesting it be comprised of the following:
One Starke County Park Board Member
One Commissioner
Once Council Member
One Prairie Trails Club member
Two or more at large members
This committee will determine where this building should be located and all necessary details in getting this project completed, stressing the importance of housing the Parks Dept. office.
K. Swihart motioned to approve the development of the committee, with R. Ritzler leading, R. Ballard seconded. Passed 3-0.
Pier slip update reported Les is to have the hardware by Monday and begin installing the remaining fingers. T. Busch reported tat the North Pier 1 and 2 are currently full, as constructed. North Pier 1 is waiting on new hardware to complete 6 additional slips. The remaining pier slip holders will be placed once the installation has been complete. South Pier is in place and has 4 opening.
New pier signs have been placed.
Kramer Beach report is that the board’s position is, based on the previous attorney, Mr. Lucas, that the beach is a public beach while the Haug’s live behind saying it is not. They have been instructed to hire an attorney, file a lawsuit and allow the court to decide. There is wording in Mr. Koontz’s subdivision that it is a public beach.
Much discussion was shared over the Haug’s behavior. R. Ballard suggested the public call the sheriff’s office with their complaints and concerns. The public is upset that the tree has been cut down and picnic table removed. They are asking the board for help because of the harassing behavior of the Haugs. R. Ballard said he would contact the sheriff regarding the situation. It is determined that the board has the final say regarding the beach. R. Ritzler motioned and K. Swihart seconded that signs be made and placed on and before the beach. It passed 3-0.
Approval of claims and paying routine bills was motioned for approval by R. Ritzler, seconded by K. Swihart. Passed 3-0.
Meeting adjourned at 6:49 P.M.