05-10-2022 Meeting Minutes

Starke County Park Board Meeting Minutes – May 10, 2022

Present: R. Ballard, R. Ritzler, K. Swihart, T. Busch

Meeting was called to order by R. Ballard at 6:00 PM

Also announced was the resignation of Kathy Norem from the Board. Judge Hall would like to appoint someone but stressed it must be a Republican to maintain the balance on the board. Anyone interested are urged to let the board or Judge Hall know.

K. Swihart motioned to approve the minutes from the last meeting. R Ritzler seconded and passed 4-0.

R. Ritzler made the motion to accept Financial Report, seconded by T. Busch. Passed 4-0.

In discussion the Superintendent’s report R. Ballard questioned the costs being charged for plumbing services from DS&S. R. Boonstra reported they had been out to fix the women’s bathroom and added that there is still a lot of repairs that need to be completed before season begins. The handicap showers are still leaking. Both beach side and campground baths need attention. C. Kopka will make this a priority when she returns from vacation.

R. Ballard asked about the progress for the pier permits required by the DNR. Mr. Jensen will install the piers at the cost of $2,200.00-$2,500.00 ponce he knows the permits are in place.

K. Swihart spoke to Steve Berndt and looked at the additional piers being offered by Bass Lake Marina. It will add 60 more slips at a cost of $25,000.00. In his opinion, the hardware looked good but would need to replace some decking, resealed and power washed. Bringing the customer base from the marina will provide good additional revenue.

R. Ballard said the board could tentatively approve the purchase. R. Ritzler says it will be contingent upon C. Kopka assuring the permits are in place and to show where the money will come from for the purchase. T. Busch agreed they would approve this has been satisfied.

R. Ritzler motioned to tentatively approve, K. Swihard seconded. Passed 4-0.

Unsuccessful attempts have been made to collect last year’s vendor payments. Efforts are being made to secure new vendors for the season at $25.00 per day.

C. Kopka received quotes for mowers. John Deere offered a Zero Turn 54’ deck for $6,199.00 and TSC offered a comparable Toro for $4,599.99 and a Cub Cadet for $3,599.99. Considerable conversation was shared by all in attendance regarding where a mower would be stored, who will maintain it and be allowed to operate it. R. Ritzler suggested outside mowing services be contacted for quotes. R. Boonstra said approximately 60% of the campers mow their own areas leaving 40% that need mowed in addition to the rest of the park and beach area. He said it takes two full 8-hour days to mow. The mower issue was tabled until other quotes for mowing are secured.

Campers in attendance were upset that the lawns have not been mowed yet and things are completely overgrown. Adding that the mulch and shrubs need cleaned up and removed. Some felt their rent was raised but nothing has been done to the campgrounds.  Dave Pearman, County Counselman, offered to volunteer his time and equipment to mow the campground the following day. Additional concerns from those in attendance were that there is no one available on site to address emergencies such as a recent water line break. Campers have witnessed outside people coming in to throw their trash into the containers and use the dump stations without paying. It was suggested that there be signage made prohibiting this from happening. Getting license plate numbers would allow the office to contact the police to get a charge for illegal use of service. Also suggested was placing a box there for people to pay for their sewage disposal.

It was brought to attention that the current number listed on the Park Board website as well as other google search sites are incorrect. This problem will be addressed immediately.

R. Ballard made motion to approve claims and paying routine bills. Seconded by K. Swihart. Passed 4-0.

Not other business came before the board.

Meeting adjourned at 6:59 PM.