04-12-2022 Meeting Minutes

Starke County Park Board Minutes – April 12, 2022
Present: K. Norem, R. Ballard, R. Ritzler, K. Swihart, T. Busch
Meeting was called to order by R. Ballard at 5:57 PM.
Approval of minutes from March 9, 2022. R. Ritzler motion made, K. Swihart seconded. Passed 5-0.
Approval of financial reports as presented. K. Swihart motion made, R. Ritzler seconded. Passed 5-0.
Superintendent Camryn Kopka reported life jackets and piers were paid for. Piers will be ready for the beginning of beach season.
Campground map has been developed and will soon be finalized.
Braun Ability donated $500.00 towards ADA tables.
A string trimmer and leaf blower were purchased for the campground.
A spring clean up was conducted on 4/9 at the campground.
Camryn requested permission to purchase a riding lawn mower and tractor (for grading gravel) with an estimated cost of $4,000.00. The riding mower would be purchased from Culver Power and will request a quote from John Deere for the tractor.
R. Ballard suggested getting a quote for a packaged deal that would include both pieces of equipment. Camryn will secure these quotes. This was tabled until next meeting.
R. Ballard informed the group that the Board is advertising for a Park Board Secretary and will let Camryn interview candidates before being approved by the board. Rate of pay and hours were discussed for this part-time position of 25 hours a week to start with the duties including clerical work as well as assisting campers and boat lease. Attending Park Board monthly meetings to take minutes.
Camryn explained the policy for non-seasonal campers paying the first night’s campground rate to secure the site. Cancellations will be accepted for refund as long as it’s 3 days prior to check-in date. Rates are $45.00 per night and $50.00 per night on holidays.
K. Norem made motion made to accept. K. Swihart seconded. Passed 5-0.
Emily Albaugh of KIRPC, contracted by the county to write grants and Planning Parks Master Plans, discussed the updates to the 5-year plan which is required to be eligible for potential land and water conservation grants. This plan must be submitted to DNR by Friday, April 15th. It does not require public hearing to be approved.
K. Norem did not agree to changes that eliminated reference to Koontz Lake. Also mentioning typos that were in the 5-year plan.
K. Norem was disappointed that it was removed without agreement of the board.
E. Albaugh listened and committed to putting the reference back in the plan and it will be
referred to as Kramer Beach.
K. Norem motioned to add Kramer’s Beach back into 5 Year Plan. T. Bush seconded. Passed 5-0
K. Norem motioned to accept 5-year plan as long as Kramer Beach is back.
It was seconded R. Ritzler. Resolution SCPB to adopt as official 5-year plan.
R. Ballard informed Ms. Anita Haug to have her attorney contact SCPB attorney for any other
discussion regarding Kramer’s Beach.
K. Swihart motion was made to approve all claims. Seconded by R. Ballard. Passed 5-0.
Other Business: None
R. Ballard motioned to adjourn meeting at 6:22 PM.