06-16-2021 Meeting Minutes

June 16, 2021

Present: Richard Ballard, Kathy Norem, Rik Ritzler, Chris Lawrence, Karl Swihart, and Attorney Lucas

The meeting was called to order by Mr. Ballard at 5:58 p.m. and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


  • Mr. Ritzler offered more information on the beach groomer. He stated that the rental of the machine would be $1,500 for two weeks as well as a $1,000 shipping charge. He stated that if the board does like the machine and wants to purchase it, they would receive a significant discount. Mr. Ritzler stated that the groomer can clean the beach, roadsides, and the campground. It could also be utilized at Koontz Lake. Mr. Ballard signed the agreement.
  • Mr. Ritzler also mentioned that he has received a number of minor complaints in the last few weeks. He would like to come up with a chain of command to address some of these complaints as the board only meets once a month. Ritzler advised that Mr. Clarich should be first in the chain of command and then he could be the primary board member who is contacted second as he lives closest to the beach. Mr. Ballard offered a motion to have all complaints go to Larry first, and then complaints may be escalated on the Starke County Parks website. Mr. Swihart made the motion, and Mr. Lawrence seconded. PASSED.
  • Mrs. Norem spoke regarding possibly needing summer help at the Bass Lake Beach. She mentioned considering having 1 or 2 people at the gate for beach admission and kayak rentals. Mr. Clarich stated that there isn’t enough volume to have workers there through the week. Mrs. Norem and Mr. Ritzler talked about possibly having a few people from Work One if that would be possible at this point into the summer. The other option mentioned would be having someone as a county employee. Mr. Ritzler offered to stop by Work One to possibly get the process started.
  • Mrs. Norem’s next item of business is in regards to the amount of money turned in to the county by Mr. Clarich versus the amount of money that the receipts from campsites and boat slips show. Mrs. Norem stated that going through the receipts, there has been a total of $58,200.00 collected but that amount has not been turned into the county. Mr. Clarich stated that is because he was told that everything collected before the 25th, the county is not entitled to. Attorney Lucas questioned when Mr. Clarich was told this and Mr. Clarich said it was outside of a park board meeting. After some discussion with Mr. Clarich, Mr. Ballard asked Mr. Clarich to present the figures on how much he took out of the money that was deposited to Callahan’s account by next meeting so the board could review.
  • Mr. Ritzler mentioned that they need to work on the five year plan for the board and part of that is an inventory that needs to be done of the beach and campground. Mr. Ritzler offered to meet Larry on the following Sunday to work together and take an inventory report of the beach and campground.  

Mr. Ritzler made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:37 p.m. and Mrs. Norem seconded. PASSED.