08-14-2018 Meeting Minutes

Starke County Park Board Minutes, 8/14/18 Call to Order 6:02 p.m.

Roll Call: Rosemary Rose, Debbie Mix and Roger Chaffins present. Absent, Chris Lawrence and Butch Gerstandt

Pledge of Allegiance Starke County Forest –

Road is basically completed. Roger has received calls on cars going in at night and leaving a few minutes later. Reasons for that are unknown. Roger suggested that a security light be installed. Mr. Wakeland was opposed due to the forest needing the darkness. Motion lights would disturb the nocturnal animals.

A question of using the forest for cross country training for high schoolers was presented to Mr. Wakeland. He said that would be fine but a plan for the course itself should be presented.

Other issues discussed were additions to be included in the remaining funds of the grant.

A motion was made by Deb Mix and seconded by Rosie Rose to install a bike rack. A vote was taken and the motion was approved.

A motion was made by Deb Mix and seconded by Rosie Rose to install signage in and for the Forest. A vote was taken and the motion was approved.

Mr. Wakeland made the suggestion to have perennial plants in the middle of the traffic circle. He provided a proposal from Naturally Native Nursery. There were two parts to the proposal which had a grand total of $1,522.00. The forest fund currently has $15,

807.50. Mr. Wakeland would like to use the Forest funds to pay for the first part of the proposal.

Deb Mix made a motion and Rosie Rose seconded to spend $1050.00 to have Naturally Native Nursery for plants in the cul-du-sac circle as proposed. A vote was taken and the motion was approved.

Deb Mix made a motion to use Forest funds up to $1500.00 to cover some of the extra costs which includes 2 gates in place of the cables and other expenses incurred by the County Highway dept. Rosie Rose seconded the motion, a vote was taken and the motion was approved.

Bass Lake Beach and Campground….. No one was in attendance representing Callahan

Enterprises, LLC.

Deb Mix stated that the patio has not been repaired nor has there been caution tape been place to prevent people going onto the patio. The fence post is rotted, the concrete where the fence posts are installed is missing with large gaps of nothing. This is a safety issue where it seems we are waiting for a disaster to happen rather than being proactive and prevent an injury that would inevitably cot the County. Mr. Lucas stated that Callahan representative Larry Clarich was at the last meeting and said he would take care of the patio and he had not the knowledge to determine whether the patio is in disrepair. Rik Ritzier of the Highway Dept. said the patio seemed sturdy when he placed the glacial stone in June. However, the fencing was rickety and there were chunks of concrete missing. Rik suggested that he go take a look and determine if the work is something the County can repair. He would have to get permission from the Commissioners to do the work and then we could pass the cost to Callahan.

Concern was raised that Callahan is not doing what they need to do to maintain the patio, fencing and the main building. The building is in less repair than it was 3 – 5 years ago.

Mr. Chaffins expressed that he’s not willing to go into a legal situation with Callahan. County Attorney Lucas agreed. Roger noted he is tired of hearing about

Callahan being in breach of contract, that we just have to live with Callahan for another 1O years. Deb Mix said that we were commissioned to make sure that Callahan is doing his part at the beach and campground, and if we take the attitude that we just have to live with it, then we might as well just not exist

Rick Anderson brought up that the Bass Lake Property Owners Assn. is thinking of writing a grant from the DNR to place rock and vegetation along the shoreline. The beach has a large shoreline and he would like permission for the DNR person he’s working with to walk the beach shoreline and survey the condition of the

shoreline. There would be no cost to the County.

Deb Mix made a motion to allow the BLPOA and its representative survey the beach shoreline.  Rosie Rose seconded the motion and a vote approved the motion.                                                                                                     Mr. Lucas asked Mr. Anderson if he needed a letter stating such. Mr. Anderson said he didn’t believe so.

With no further business, Rosie Rose made the motion to adjourn and with a second from Deb Mixthe meeting ended at 7:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Debbie Mix