12-12-2017 Meeting Minutes

Park Board Meeting
December 12, 2017
Members present: D. Mix, R. Chaffins, R. Rose, B. Gerstandt and Attorney
M. Lucas
President Mix opened the meeting at 6 p.m.
Pledge of Allegiance recited
Minutes — Roger moved and Butch seconded to approve October minutes
Starke County Forest — Mr. Wakeland reported there were no issues with
the timber sale.
He has built a foot bridge across the spillway.
The closed section from the logging has been reopened.
Snow grooming will be discussed at the next meeting.
Lions Park at Koontz Lake — Rosie motioned and Roger seconded to
incorporate the Hamlet Lions Club’s Park into the Starke County Park
system. A vote was taken and the motion passed. This needs to be
brought up to the Commissioners.
Bass Lake Beach and Campground — There was no representative
present. Mr. Lucas noted that the direction is positive but it’s difficult to get
all interested parties together at one time. Mr. Clarich and Rik Ritzler need
to be included so agreement can be made on how to make changes.
There is no plan yet.
A board member needs to push production along regarding the outside
building. Roger Chaffins will be the board representative and will contact
Deb if necessary.
Concerns brought up by board members:
How to go forward with the beach part? Renegotiation? Piers?
Atty. Lucas noted that the agreement must be mutually beneficial. Will the
park board be able to get volunteers? He noted that the preservation of the
beach house is essential. Hard questions include:
Will the piers be included since they are on the beach side?
What about the beach house bathrooms and showers?
Any grants will need to be in cooperation between the Park Board and
Callahan LLC to determine a plan for the grants.
A suggestion was made to get help with preparing an encompassing plan
for the beach vision by getting a work group together that would include
many interested parties. Suggestion would be to include a representative
from the oark board, a Callahan LLC rep, public potential volunteers
BLPOA member. Several suggestions for the language for how a Beach
RFP would look. Ideas will be sent for discussion at next month’s meeting.
Attorney Lucas stated he needs to go over and seek approval with
Callahan LLC before anything can be done. This should be completed by
next month’s meeting. The RFP should be out there by February 1°.
Next month’s meeting will be changed to Tuesday, January 23 at 6 p.m.
Meeting adjourned at 77 p.m. with a motion by Roger and seconded by