10-10-2017 Meeting Minutes

Oct. 10, 2017

Park Board Mtg.

Chris Lawrence opened the meeting at 6 p.m. Pledge recited

Members present: Chris, Butch and Rosie Minutes approved for Sept. mtg.

  1. Beaver invoice tabled
  2. Andrew Suzeland was there to represent Mr. Wakeland via phone for:
    1. Opening of bids for Timber Sale
      1. Only bid presented was Northern Wood Product Inc. Thorn Road from Walkerton, IN
      2. Bid presented for $8500.00
      3. Bid approved for $8500.00 (Mr. Wakeland via phone)
      4. Approved by Board 3-0

Ill. Koontz Lake Lions-Van Janovic presented information concerning park in Oregon Township. The park is now owned by Koontz Lake Lions and they would like the Park Board to consider incorporating it into the county parks within a time frame of 1 or 2 years. Mr. Lucas pointed out insurance being an issue may be beneficial as a co-op with the county. (Jim Milaca also attended.)      – Email Van@TELLC.com

  1. Beach and Campground

– Mr Wallsmith was present to represent Mr. Callahan

  1. Damage to the concrete and preventive measures were proposed as per discussion of Sept. 28, 2017 mtg. with Park Board members Rosie Rose, Todd Wallsmith, and Marty Lucas.
    1. Callahan will pay for the repair and damage to the structure and preventive measures to be addressed by the county, which includes

Glacier Stone.

– With that being proposed, the goal is to try and work cooperatively with both parties satisfactory in agreement.

– Rick Anderson stated it would be best to add stone after


  • Mr. Wallsmith then presented their proposal to renew their

contract in April of “2018”

  • Mr. Wallsmith also stated his client is open for discussion to

the possibility of mutual intent of allowing the county to take control of the beach and lake building.

  • Grant money would be a VIP factor
    • Also a brief discussion of the percent of money the lease allows for increase (approximately 8%)
    • Mr. Lucas stated the entire lease is up for renewal “April 30, 2018” and can then be rewritten.
    • In conclusion, the board need to research possibilities from Highway Department and Commissioners for future consideration and


  • Work Group consideration (which was tabled at last meeting) was presented for discussion and thought to be of great importance if the county was to take the beach back in the future.
  • Public Comments:
    • Question of Mr. Callahan having to be present to run the operation of LLC?         – Addressed by Mr. Lucas
    • Problems with interpretation of the lease by Rick Anderson – Addressed by both attorneys
    • Mr. Anderson asked that his presentation be a part of the minutes
    • Kathy Carrier expressed her opinion of violation of the lease by LLC Incorporated (concerning Brian Callahan) -Attorneys stated contract is valid
    • Questions concerning camp sites being filled during weekends
  • Meeting adjourned at 7:07 p.m.