09-12-2017 Meeting Minutes

Starke County Park Board Meeting
County Annex Meeting Room – 6:00 PM
September 12, 2017
Call to Order: 6:00pm
Present: Debbie Mix, Roger Chaffins, Rosemary Rose, Butch
Gerstandt, Attorney Martin Lucas
Absent: Chris Lawrence
Pledge of Allegiance
Minutes – Roger Chaffins moved and Rosie Rose seconded to accept
the minutes as presented. A vote was taken and the motion carried.
Starke County Forest – Bids for timber sales -Mr. Wakeland reported
that he may not be back for 10/10 meeting. He agreed that the board
should still go forward with the opening of bids. He would be available
by phone. Mr. Wakeland provided the list of about 40 companies that
will be invited to bid. He will correct the bid sheet to reflect correct
date and will mail them out.
Mr. Wakeland will have a representative here at the meeting in
October. The next timber sales will be in 5 — 10 years.
Walkway/lane update — Mr. Wakeland is willing to make any small
repairs. He recommends going out there and include Rik Ritzler to
decide what to do out at the forest. There is over 20 feet of peat
moss and he’s not sure when it was created. He’s unsure how lane
came about.
He suggested that the forest is open for hands-on learning for the
schools as his understanding from reading, stating the inference was
that the school’s future is a hands-on learning program.
Beaver invoice update — Roger will follow up with Bill Crase’s invoice.
No evidence of beaver has been seen.
Beach & Campground – Attorney Martin Lucas has discussed
building maintenance response from Lessee’s Attorney. They have
planned a 9/28/17, 10am meeting with counsel at Wallsmith’s office.
Rosie Rose will attend for the board as he would like to meet with the
lessee’s attorney with someone from the board. He has plans from the
DNR person that has proposed as well as the drawing from Rick
Anderson. He believes he has everything he needs to meet.
President Mix asked consideration for work group — 4-6 small group
to look at the lease and make recommendations for lease renewal Mr.
Chaffins moved and Ms. Rose seconded to table this discussion until
next meeting. A vote was taken and the motion carried.
Board comments. There were none.
Audience comments. Mr. R. Anderson made comment that the
language is good in the lease although the meaning is different and is
left to interpretation. He is in favor of a committee to determine the
different parts of each section to come to agreement to clarify terms,
not modify them.
Adjournment – Roger Chaffins moved and Rosie Rose seconded to
adjourn. The motion was voted on and the meeting adjourned at
The next meeting will be held at the County Annex Meeting room on
Oct. 10, 2017 at 6:00 PM.