05-17-16 Meeting Minutes

Starke  County  Park  Board  Minutes  05  /17/16 The meeting was Called to Order by Mr. Chaffins. Pledge of Allegiance Roll Call- Roger Chaffins, Butch Gerstandt, Deb Mix, Rosie Rose, and Chris Lawrence The County Attorney, Mr. Martin Lucas was also in attendance. Minutes -Ms. Rose made a motion to accept the December minutes as written with Ms. Mix seconding it. The motion carried. Minutes from the April meeting were motioned to be accepted by Rosie Rose and seconded by Butch Gerstandt. A vote was taken and the motion carried. Starke County Forest – Mr. Chaffins stated that the new Surveyor, Bill Crase had received complaints about flooding. Mr. Wakeland insists it isn’t the beavers that are at fault. There is no connectivity to the ditch on 1100 N. The County’s culvert hasn’t been maintained since probably the 1940’s which is 60+ years ago. The culvert is 3 feet below the beaver dam. The beavers are active and busy and they’ve been there since the early 1900’s. The beaver control device hasn’t yet been installed. About 5 years ago a spillway was installed and the spillway is cleaned out about 5 times a week. Mr. Wakeland was asked to contact the person that’s going to install the beaver control device. Roger will call Mr. Crase along with Mr. Wakeland so they can confer and see how things are going. Beach and Campground – Roger Chaffins stated that signs stating, “Glass Containers Prohibited” have been printed by the Highway Dept. and the County will install the signs. The Land and Water Conservation Fund sign has been ordered and will be installed by the SC Highway dept. Mr. Callahan and his attorney, Mr. Wallsmith, were present. Mr. Callahan noted that the minutes reflected an incorrect date for the beach to open. The Campground will open on May 1 and the beach will open on Memorial Day weekend. Another issue that Mr. Callahan stated that the park board needs to be aware of, is that we’re dealing with infrastructure that is 60 – 80 years old. He was told that patching is considered maintenance and not a capital improvement. It was stated that the last president of the Park Board authorized capital improvement for the beach bath house, and to install a handicap accessible water fountain and access to it. Mr. Callahan was told that the structure and the water fountain needs to be inspected by the Coiunty Building inspector before reimbursement can be considered. Mr. Chaffins noted that permits must be pulled by Mr. Callahan to do work. The County will take care of the permit fees, but Mr. Callahan is required to pull a permit for all work that needs permitting. That includes all electrical, plumbing, and bathroom changes. Roger will be a contact person for the permitting process. Phone numbers were exchanged. Discussion with concerns about what is maintenance and what are capital improvements took place. Starke  County  Park  Board  Minutes  05  /17/16 Mr. Callahan notified the board that the electrical wires that they ran into are aluminum and need to be replaced. There are 60 campsites. And most of the electrical is worn out and used. Mr. Callahan noted that 4 electric services that are broken underground and need to be repaired. He asked if these expenses are approved. Mr. Chaffins stated that he needs to get multiple estimates or bids. Mr. Callahan wants approval of the expenses that have been expended last year from the issues that he addressed after the Park Board requested they be fixed. Mr. Callahan was notified that nothing can be refunded without an inspection that the electrical service upgrades and all capital improvement work are done properly. Other work that was done without prior approval is not able to be refunded. It was also reported that gray water has been dumped and it must be stopped. The issue of picnic tables was brought up. The Park Board would like to have an inventory of how many there are and how many need to be repaired. Last year Mr. Callahan reported that all picnic tables were repaired or removed. Photos provided by Mr. Gerstandt showed clearly that tables were painted, but weren’t repaired. It was agreed that the gazebo building needs to be inspected. Mr. Callahan stated he had spent $6000 on brand new piers and would like to be reimbursed for them. He again was notified that he didn’t get prior approval and that the piers are for his profit. When asked how many piers he has he stated there are 24 slips on one set and 20 boat slips on the other. The park board asked Mr. Callahan to give any receipts he wants to submit a month ahead of time so we have time to look at them for approval. They must be accompanied with a spreadsheet that shows what was purchased, when, where it was placed, and the cost of the items. Prior to spending, per the lease, Mr. Callahan must request expenditure. An issue that was brought up by the audience was the old diving platform and lifeguard chair that is just below water level. They are dangerous and need to be removed. The DNR must be contacted to have them removed. Phone number is 877-928-3755 for a permit. Mr. Callahan would like the County to write an Ordinance against having glass bottles on the beach. With no further discussion or questions, the meeting adjourned at 7:45pm. Next meeting is June 21, 6pm at the annex. Respectfully submitted, Debbie Mix Secretary