07-19-2016 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was Called to Order by President, Roger Chaffins at 6:00 pm. Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call-    Roger Chaffins, Butch Gerstandt, Deb Mix, Rosie Rose, and Chris Lawrence The County Attorney, Mr. Martin Lucas was also in attendance.

Minutes – Ms.Rose made a motion to accept the June minutes as written with Mr. Lawrence seconding it. The motion carried.

Beach and Campground – Mr. David Wallsmith was present, representing Mr. Callahan, who is still in Florida with a health issue. It was reported that most all the items that needed to be repaired are completed.

Security will be placed on the pump station area.

The Food Court has not been inspected, but the vendor now has his license under Bass Lake Beach Concessions.

The commissioners have asked that the park board begin on a Five-Year Plan. They were notified there’s an Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA) matching grant currently available that could provide up to $15,000 to write the 5-year plan.  KIRPC, who is under contract with the County, could write for the OCRA grant on behalf of the Park Board. The County would work with the Park Board regarding any matching funds. If accepted, the Park Board would then interview planners (someone to help with writing a comprehensive 5-year plan).

From the audience, Rick Anderson, president of the Bass Lake Property Owners Assn. (BLPOA), spoke up and stated the Mr. Chris Lawrence has agreed to write the five-year plan. Also, Kathy Carrier of the BLPOA, is also willing to write it. Mr. Anderson noted his concern and stated that the 5-yr. plan needs to be done more quickly than what’s being discussed. He noted we need a resolution to write a 5-yr. plan immediately.

Mr. Rick Yoder spoke up and stated he lives directly across from the Bass Lake Beach and Campground (BLBC), and he lives here year-round. He attended tonight’s meeting to testify that he’s seen many good changes and wanted us to be aware that not everyone is upset with the BLBC.

Debbie Mix made a motion for a Resolution for KIRPC to investigate the grant to get the money to help us locate an experienced person to help write a 5-year plan. Mr. Lawrence seconded the motion; a vote was taken and the motion carried.

Larry Clarich, the assistant manager of the BLBC reminded the board that the BLBC is a publicly-owned but privately-run Beach and Campground and the BLBC has the right to run it as they see fit as long as the end goal is the same. He informed the board of directors that 60 lbs. of asphalt grindings have been used to fill in holes on the roads.

Discussion about the gazebo on the south side of the beach took place and there was a concern that it may an emergency. Debbie Mix made a motion to take the gazebo down if the commissioners agree it’s an emergency. Rosie Rose seconded the motion and a vote carried the motion.

Roger Chaffins will contact the Commissioners about the gazebo and will also contact County Road Superintendent Rik Ritzier for 10 mph signs, and ask him about an estimate for the trees affected with the ash bore beetles. He will also talk with Bill Crase, the Surveyor regarding the drainage on the beach side of the road. Jerry Broadstreet will be contacted to find out the status of the spraying for the weeds.

Starke County Forest – County Surveyor Mr. Bill Crase reported to Roger Chaffins and Debbie Mix that the beaver tube has been installed and he is waiting to observe if it works.

Other Properties: There are 17 properties that were presented as a preliminary report. Attorney Lucas prepared the reports of these tax-exempt parcels which could potentially be of interest in the Park Board’s 5-year plan.  Mr. Lucas noted we may want to partner with other entities i.e. the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum, Railroad Township, DNR, Fair board, Fire Station/ Koontz Lake Conservation Group, or River Point on English Lake. He suggested these properties are something the board should look at over the next month and talk about next month.

Audience comments: Mr. Rick Anderson from the Bass lake Property Owners Assn. made comments. He would like to see a Park Board website and perhaps these parcels could be listed on the website. Also, he announced that the Bass Lake Public Access is controlled by the DNR and they have plans to replace the dam. Both the DNR and the Bass Lake Conservancy District are working together on this project.

With no further discussion or questions, the meeting was adjourned by a motion from Ms. Rose and seconded by Mr. Gerstandt at 7: 10pm. Next meeting is August 16, 6pm at the annex.

Respectfully submitted, Debbie Mix