04-19-2016 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was Called to Order by Mr. Chaffins.            

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call- Roger Chaffins, Butch Gerstandt, Deb Mix, Rosie Rose Absent: Chris Lawrence

Mr. Gerstandt was introduced as the new appointment from the Commissioners. All welcomed Mr. Gerstandt.

Minutes -Ms. Rose made a motion to accept the March minutes as written with Ms. Mix 2nd ‘ing it. The motion carried. Minutes from December were forgotten and will be brought to next month’s meeting.

Starke County Forest – Mr. Wakeland was not in attendance and no matters were brought to the attention of the board.

Beach and Campground – Mr. Callahan and his attorney, Mr.  Wallsmith, were present. Mr. Callahan noted that the minutes reflected an incorrect date for the beach to open. The Campground will open on May 1 and the beach will open on Memorial Day weekend.

Mr. Chaffins presented an email that some of us received from the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) regarding an inspection at the Beach and Campground on April 6, 2016. Ultimately the concern is that there is no sign noting that funds have been received from the LWCF and we will need to purchase one. No action taken.

Mr. Wallsmith notified that there is almost $1000 from 2014 that have not been reimbursed that were roll-over receipts and they are still waiting for approval for those receipts. He noted they are submitting a claim for those bills and pursuant to the contract, plumbing and water projects don’t need approval. Also, any ADA acceptable projects should be approved. He noted that capital improvement and emergency work should be automatically approved.

Mr. Callahan presented minutes from a 2009 commissioner meeting that stated the plumbing is covered since the buildings were in such disrepair when the property was taken over by Mr. Callahan. He also stated that there is over $28,000 that he’s spent on the property that he hasn’t put in for reimbursement. Mr. Chaffins stated he will check with the Auditor regarding these minutes and the basis for the statement and the meaning behind such a flat-out comment. Ms. Mix was concerned that no permits have ever been pulled for the work performed at the beach and campground since there is no other way to ensure that the work done is performed correctly. She suggested that the County building inspector be called to make an inspection of the grounds. Mr. Callahan insisted that they don’t have to pull a permit. Mr. Chaffins, as a member of the Planning Commission, stated he believed it’s the County that needs to pull the permit since the property is owned by the County. More discussion took place about the work performed and never having had an inspection that demonstrated that work was performed in compliance with code.

Mr. Chaffins stated that the entire board needs to sit down with Mr. Callahan to go over the bills and resolve this issue once and for all. It is too time consuming to go back and forth at each meeting rehashing the same issues with no resolve.

Ms. Rose made a motion to table this discussion with a second from Mr. Gerstandt. Mr. Wallsmith stated that the tenant is permitted to present projects that he intends to present as claims. Ms. Rose noted that there are only 2 people on the board that are here since the beginning of the board and it isn’t fair to the newer board directors to be expected to know what’s going on without having seen the lease or have read minutes from previous meetings. Mr. Chaffins explained that we all should expect to have an extra-long meeting next month. The motion was called to question and a vote was taken. The motion was carried.

A motion was made by Debbie, and seconded by Rosie, that the secretary will need to write a letter that notes Mr. Callahan has 30 days to have the concession building approved by the Health Inspector. In the letter, it will mention that the gazebo needs to be repaired and a County permit is required. A vote was taken and the motion carried with one abstention by Mr. Lawrence.

Mr. Chaffins asked Mr. Callahan to bring the new assistant manager with him to next month’s meeting.  It was agreed, although he was in attendance.  Mr. Callahan noted that he has in his employ 2 assistant managers, Larry and Mara Clarich and also a laborer, Brandon Creech. Mr. Clarich was in the audience and noted that the beach and campground is in the best shape at this early point in time than any other year.  This year they plan on having an ice cream vendor at the beach, and also a boat show is planned.

Mr. Callahan stated he looked into the issue of glass containers prohibited on the beach, but he was advised that the county needs to have an ordinance for there to be any consequences. He was advised by the board to put up signs at the beach stating No Glass Containers Allowed.

Mr. Chaffins will check with the Building Inspector as to who needs to pull a permit for the work being performed at the beach and campground.

With no further discussion or questions, the meeting adjourned at 6:35pm Next meeting is May 17, 6pm at the annex. The next few dates for the Park board will be on May 17, June 21, and July 19, all at 6 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Debbie Mix