08-18-2015 Meeting Minutes

Starke County Park Board Minutes – 08/18/15

Call to Order at 6:05pm at the County Annex Building Pledge of Allegiance

Board members accepted the resignation of Marcia Bedrock.

Roger motioned that the minutes from the July meeting be accepted as corrected. Rose seconded the motion. Vote and Motion carried.

Starke County Forest- Drainage to the marsh. A neighbor complained and brought before the drainage board, and they ruled the beavers have to be moved. Once the beavers are removed, the marsh will be destroyed and overtaken by the ditch. The board agreed to find a long-term solution. If the culvert is closed during the night it is a temporary solution. After speaking with Bob Aloi at Territorial Engineering he said a long-term solution would be to make a bypass ditch to bypass the marsh. John Richardson looked at permits necessary. If the county leavers it as-is they would have to haul out the spoils. Culvert at 1100 E – a second culvert on private property. That culvert is completely submerged under water. 2.63’ drop at 8 intersection between 1100 and the marsh. Beavers can’t be blocking it. Asking to find a long-term solution. Can we get a legal stay? Finances to fix are an issue. Will wait but need to give the board’s opinion to the commissioners. Funds to remove the beavers will come from the forest fund. Rose made a motion that we put the matter on hold so we can write a letter or meet with the drainage board and work on a long-term solution. The motion carried, with Roger Chaffins opposed.

Bass Lake Beach & Campground – The inspector has not yet been there for a formal inspection. Without written notice, all items have been addressed. The board agreed Callahan needs to keep all informed and notified in advance. 70 picnic tables have been repaired and are ready to paint. The site has been resurfaced with stone. The state advises 5% of the weeds would remain. Will send a letter to the DNR regarding further removal. The beach will close after Labor Day. Regarding the inspection, we need definitions of capital improvements versus maintenance. Debbie Mix made a motion to hold payment of bills until Callahan provides itemized copies, Skyler Ellinger seconded, and the motion carried. Roger Chaffins opposed. The insurance policy is on file with the auditor’s office. The inspector went there and said there were violations and Mr. Callahan wasn’t notified. He should also be invited to attend the inspection, along with two board members, one from each party.

The meeting adjourned at 7:25 p.m. The next meeting will take place September 15, 2015.