07-14-2015 Meeting Minutes

Board Attendance: Marcia Bedrock, Roger Chaffins, Skyler Ellinger, Debbie Mix Absent: Rosemary Rose.

Call to Order at 6:05pm at the County Annex Building Pledge of Allegiance

The minutes from the June meeting were not available.

Starke County Forest – President Ellinger requested that Mr. Bruce Wakeland of the Forest, and Mr. Dennis Estok, the County Surveyor, be present to address the drainage issue at the forest. Neither is in attendance at this time and was deferred until later in the meeting.

Bass Lake Beach and Campground Update:

Mr. Wallsmith and Mr. Callahan were present and acknowledged the June 10, 2015 letter that was sent from the park board. He stated that he’s spent $6,118.85 so far this year and he has a credit of $1,163.94. He noted that the receipts are considered as a part of the rent. A claim has been tendered to the County Auditor for sewer improvements and for ADA compliance (for the materials only) although it has not yet been installed. Mr. Callahan presented an expense sheet that detailed expenses since he took charge of the Beach and Campground in 2008. He also attached the receipts that he presented to the auditor’s office.

Mr. Ellinger stated that the receipts have not yet been received by the park board and Mr. Callahan was asked to send them to the email address of starkecountyparkboard@gmail.com. – not to the Auditor’s office.

Mr. Callahan detailed that 10 loads of sand has been purchased and spread on the beach. There is now an exhaust fan in the bathroom and GFl’s have been installed. The faucets on the beach side are now completed. Forty-five picnic tables have been repaired and painted. He has been the recipient of donated pain and he is now looking for two volunteers to paint.

Two loads of asphalt grindings have been placed instead of stone at the campground. The 220.:.amp wiring has been removed and is still on site. Mr. Callahan rev=moved it instead of just placing a cover over it as requested.

Mr. Chaffins explained that he is looking for more detailed bills. In addition, it was explained to Mr. Callahan that the County Building Inspector would be coming out. The Park Board had by-passed the procedure by having the him make repairs, and it’s important that he and the Park Board work better together to bring the campground to a better condition. Mr. Chaffins stated he’d like to see several bids on work to ensure the bids are competitive, using correct specs for the work performed.

It was noted that the vents in the bathroom were left open and framed around them but it appears they are still sealed. The campground bathroom was tiled last year and he must have misspoke at the last meeting when Mr. Callahan stating they had just been completed.

Both outlets are GFI protected. Piers have not been painted due to weather. Fifteen boards need to be replaced tomorrow if the weather cooperates.

Mr. Ellinger asked if there had been a pier collapse and after Mr. Callahan’s answer of no, he was challenged, Mr. Callahan agreed that there was one to date. One of the pier connectors slipped down. Mr. Ellinger noted that when he was out there the other day, one pier was floating and one pier had been put to the side. Mr. Callahan explained that one pier had been removed for safety concerns. It was explained by Mr. Ellinger that it’s important for Mr. Callahan go out and check on the condition of the work being done to confirm it’s being completed as necessary.

Mr. Ellinger then asked Ms. Rebecca Hitt to come up and explain what had happened to her on the piers. She explained that she had fallen on June 8 – after a hail storm- as she stepped on the pier and it collapsed. She stated it’s happened again after that date and asked Mr. Callahan for her money back from the pier rental as she’s unable, and now, unwilling to use the piers. She requested the money back on July 2. Mr. Callahan agreed to return $425 and both parties were satisfied.

Mr. Wallsmith spoke up on behalf of his client and requested that a notice be given his client for any matters that plan to be discussed at a meeting so they can prepare for the issue as noted in his lease. It was agreed that issues will be handled in the better manner in the future.

Ms., Mix brought up the RV/Park Ordinance by the County Planning Commission. The board will need to be sure how that fits in with the Bass Lake Beach and Campground.

Forest – The issue of the Forest will be tabled until next month. There were no comments from the public.

A motion to adjourn was made by Ms. Mix and seconded by Mr. Chaffins. The meeting adjourned at 7:00 p.m.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, August 18, 2015, 6:00 p.m. at the Annex Building.

Respectfully submitted by Deborah Mix, secretary.