05-09-2023 Meeting Minutes

Starke County Park Board

May 9, 2023


Present; R. Ballard, K. Swihart and S. Byer

Meeting was called to order at 6:00 P.M.

K. Swihart made motion to accept minutes from the April 11, 2023 meeting. S. Byer seconded and it was passed 3-0.

R. Ballard announced that T. Busch has resigned as VP of the board but will continue to volunteer as harbor master for the beach. It will be up to the commissioners to appoint someone to that open position.

Kramer beach reported that all projects are nearly completed. The guardrails are back into place and the new tables and benches are in.

T. Williams reported she and D. Pearman had a zoom meeting where he agreed to present to the counsel a request for matching funds for the grant. The meeting will be May 18th.  There will be sufficient time to raise any additional funds required to match the grant but will need some commitment from the counsel prior to the grant request being submitted June 1st.

NWICF is working with the Forest and hosting an event for World Environment Day. This two-day event will take place on June 4th and 5th at the forest. There will be guided hikes with people specializing in various environmental expertise, fun events for the children. This is sponsored by Starke County Park Dept. and COS Creatives network with funds from the forest and the Lily Endowment fund.

A Giuliani reported the Park Department has successfully obtained the necessary documentation from Lt. Shawn Brown, DNR, stating our ability to prohibit unauthorized mooring within our riparian rights being from our property lines 300’ out into the water. It was discussed that campers will have permission to mooring while camping and day visitors will be welcome. Signs will be erected stating that there will be no overnight mooring of any watercraft, without permission. Should there be violators, the park department will contact the DNR who will take the responsibility of dealing with the violators. K. Swihart made the motion to erect the necessary signs and that violators be subject to DNR notification immediately. S. Byer seconded and it passed 3-0.

Further discussion was held regarding the current temporary mooring of boats. This is being offered to current pier slip customers only and is only until the piers are permitted and they may get their watercrafts to their slips. With the help of T. Busch and G. Laiter, this will be done on a first come, first serve basis until there is no more room available. All augers will be properly identified

The public hearing has been scheduled with the DNR for May 22nd at 6:00 PM. This meeting will be to hear comments from both sides regarding the permitting of the piers. There will be no questions answered. We will expect a decision from them within a week or two.

T. Williams reported the Lake Festival plans are coming along and anticipate a great event.

The lift station should be completed by the end of next week, just waiting on the control panel. Until then, we are fully functional and operating by having DS&S pump out as necessary.

S. Berndt estimates the cost for additional hardware to be around $2,400.00. T. William will meet with him to get a final count and order what is needed.

S. Byer had the DNR come out to remove the dive platform. After many attempts by the DNR, Bower Towing attempted to pull it out with the tow truck. Unfortunately, it broke his cable twice. We were appreciative that he donated his time and equipment for this project. The DNR has decided that it will not come out and has marked it with a danger buoy.

The campground road project is complete and looks amazing.

T. Bowser and R. Yover gave high praises to the improvements done at both the campground and beach.

K. Swihart made a motion to adjourn, seconded by S. Byer. Passed 3-0.