11-09-2021 Meeting Minutes

Present:  Richard Ballard, Chris Lawrence, Rik Ritzler, & Kathy Norem (later in meeting), Attorney Martin Lucas, & Superintendent Marc Vendl

Work Session was called to order at 5:00 p.m. by R.Ballard

Master plan was presented & discussed by Emily, KIRPC.  Emily presented an informal discussion with sheets for input from the public.  Another survey will be accessible. Discussion included goals, strategies, and getting information out to the public.

Regular meeting called to order at 6:06 p.m. by R.Ballard.

Approval of Oct. 12, 2021 minutes.  Atty.Lucas requested an amendment be made to the minutes regarding Koontz Lake property to say that he entered property analysis to record & discussed it. R.Ritzler made motion to amend & accept, C.Lawrence seconded. Passed 3-0. (K.Norem abstained, not in attendance 10/12)

Financial reports presented for approval.  C.Lawrence made motion to approve. K.Norem seconded. Passed 4-0

Superintendent’s report:

Attended the Bass Lake Property Owners’ meeting.  Met with SCCF regarding kayak launch.  Attended Bass Lake Festival committee. Blew lines out for campground. Rocks are in along shore. Davis Tree Service exchanged services for parking by cutting some trees at campground. Encouraged social media for parks & recreation.  Docks are out.

Marc met with Mediacom regarding WIFI.  Set up fee of $99.95 & $329.95/month for campground side. $169.95/month & set up fee of $99.95 for beach side.  5 year contract. An increase in fees would help cover the fees. Atty Lucas to review contract. R.Ritzler made motion for Atty Lucas to review. C.Lawrence seconded. Passed 4-0.

2022 Budget status. Marc had presented a proposed budget to the board via email.  He will meet with Rachel, county Auditor. Marc stated concerns about possible bigger projects that may need to be completed.

Logo update: Marc met with Nathan, but they had a family emergency so will be slight delay, however in progress.  Logo will be paid for by grant. Logo will include a colored logo & also a black/white logo.

Dock bids:  Marc asked for bids from 3 places.  Commercial grade, aluminum docks. Installation not included. 48 slips. 2 straight pieces, but will have to use some pieces from old dock for the fingers of the pier.  Will roughly take 3 years to complete the entire dock. Discussion took place on rental fees to offset the dock costs. R.Ritzler made a motion to approve purchase from Larry Marine, however a $100 pier rental increase and if paid in full by April 1st, will receive a 10% discount.  C.Lawrence seconded. Passed 4-0.

Snow roller bids:  2 different kinds, plastic or galvanized.  Marc received bids, 1 company opted to not bid.  Plastic one was determined to be better choice.  C.Lawrence made the motion to purchase the plastic roller from Tidd Tech for $2133. K.Norem seconded. Passed 4-0

Paddle boards:  Marc received bids. Jeff’s marine $1656. Culvers Portside Marina $2198 for 2 paddleboards. These are in stock boards, but different kinds.  Due to funds & need, at this point was decided to use rest of the money from SCEF on life jackets instead of paddle boards.  Rest of the money will be used for life jackets pending SCEF approval. K.Norem made motion, R.Ritzler seconded. Passed 4-0.

Camper payments. Discussion on a few campers left without payment in full.  Obligated to pursue the unpaid amounts. Contract an attorney to collect debt. Suggested Atty O’hara. K.Norem made motion, R.Ritzler seconded. Passed 4-0. Marc will touch base with Auditor for his information.

Approval of claims ($1941.34) and paying routine monthly utilities. R.Ritzler made motion, K.Norem seconded.  Passed 4-0

K.Norem asked if required to contact DNR for permit since rocks are complete. Atty Lucas advised yes.

K.Norem also concerned with NIPSCO bill & contacted Board’s contact person.

Public asked if rates will be raised. Board advised tabled until next month.

Meeting adjourned 7:02.