05-11-2021 Meeting Minutes

May 11, 2021

Present:  Richard Ballard, Kathy Norem, Rik Ritzler, Chris Lawrence, Karl Swihart, and Attorney Lucas

  1.  The meeting was called to order by Mr. Ballard at 6:02 p.m. and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


  1.  Mrs. Norem began discussion regarding a contracted secretary for the board.  The position would entail posting notices, taking minutes, & maintaining the website and Facebook page.  The rate would be approximately $20/hr or a max of $200/month.  She recommended Wendy McIntire & Sara Dingman for the position.  A bill would be turned in by the end of the month.             Motion made by Mr. Ritzler, Mrs. Norem seconds.  PASSED.
  2. Bass Lake Beach/campground project.

Mr. Wakeland asked about a drainage board agreement in writing.  Attorney Lucas said hasn’t heard, but will reach out again.  The drainage board hasn’t met lately.  Also asked about the website for the park board.  It is under “Starke County Parks”.  Mr. Ritzler commented that project isn’t complete, but he will get it completed.

Claim presented for Territorial Engineering in amount of $7437.75 for the kayak launch project/permits.  Motion made by Mrs. Norem, Mr. Lawrence seconded. Approved to pay.

Claim presented for Cardno in the amount of $1287.75 for kayak launch permits. Motion made by Mrs. Norem, Mr. Ritzler seconded.  Approved to pay. ***(On 5/12, Mr. Aloi emailed about the invoices & corrected the amounts, the Cardno invoice was included in Territorial’s amount, so was removed from docket)

Mr. Clarich’s contractual agreement was presented by Attorney Lucas to the board & given to Mr. Clarich.  Mr. Clarich will have 24 hours to review it and accept/reject contract.  Motion made by Mrs. Norem, Mr. Swihart seconded. PASSED.

Mr. Clarich asked about process for turning checks in.  They are to be turned into the Auditor’s Office.  Fees are to remain the same as last year.

Public commented about when/if pier slips will be put out.  Mr. Clarich responded that pier #11-24 will be, but #1-10 will depend on the water depth.

Mr. Jones presented a bike ride itinerary. This is not a race, just a ride. He will check with the state about portion of the road to use.

Public comment about food service in pavilion this year.  Mrs. Norem told him the building is in horrible condition for food use.  She’s looking into options, but it would take some work and money.  Mr. Ritzler advised the building will not pass health codes. Mrs. Norem suggested food trucks. Mr. Ballard said the board is still trying to get everything figured out, it will take time, but goal is to improve the property.  Mrs. Norem said the current 5 year plan is coming to an end, so all the input will be much appreciated.  Mr. Lawrence said studies maybe done to see if fees are appropriate.  Public said they take pride in their sites and willing to work with the board.

Public questioning if piers were up to code.  Mrs. Norem had Steve Berndt look at them.  Hopefully in the future, can upgrade to aluminum.

Mr. Clarich will talk to Attorney Lucas about piers belonging to Brian or whom they belong to.

Mrs. Norem suggested Mr. Clarich contact WorkOne about help with beach/campground.

Mr. Clarich asked about Monday-Thursday prices.  Wednesdays free day for Starke County residents? $100 annual pass for beach.  $3/person $2/child. Max $10/car. Fees will remain the same for this year.

Mr. Clarich will submit bills to the Auditor’s office. 

Mrs. Norem submitted a grant for the kayak launch.

Public commented about “permanent” structures on campsites.  Answer: As long as they aren’t permanent, then they are fine.

Public commented that they would like to see in ins/outs of income/expenses for beach/campground.  Would like to see if beach is paying for itself and vice versa.

Due dates for fees will remain the same for this year.

Mr. Clarich will give the rules, etc. to be put on Facebook and website to Sara/Wendy.

Public requested to keep same sites year after year.

Public questioned who is in charge of the trees & roads upkeep.

Public suggested to have an event coordinator.  They would also like on the Starke County website linked to the parks website.

Public questioned what the priorities are after the inspection was complete. Mrs. Norem suggested fundraising and grants to help with the improvements.

Public questioned opening of bathrooms in big building. 

2 estimates were received for the upgrade of electric at campground.  Mrs. Norem made motion to table electric work and ask Bob Harper, H&T Electric, come to the next meeting.  Mr. Ritzler seconded.  PASSED. 

Public suggested sand brought in for the beach.  Mrs. Norem will call the Surveyor to see about sand that he was trying to get rid of.  Would have to pay the highway dept. to haul.  Can rent equipment to groom beach first. The budget to rent equipment would be max of $5000.  Mrs. Norem made the motion to rent beach groomer and expense of hauling sand, with the max cost amount of $5000.  Mr. Lawrence seconded.  PASSED.

Mr. Clarich will bring money to Auditor’s office next week.

Mrs. Norem made motion to adjourn.  Mr. Lawrence seconded. 

Meeting adjourned at 7:35 p.m.