05-15-2018 Meeting Minutes

May 15, 2018

6:00 p.m. (est)

6:00      A) Meeting called to order by President: Roger Chaffins

  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Roll Call: All (5) members present
  • Starke County Forest:

Mr. Wakeland presented a letter to the board; Allen Saharra (D.N.R.) Stating there are no violations on record.

Chris photocopied for the Board: Allen Saharra, P.O. Box 71, Knox, IN.

46534. Phone: 317-234-1063

  • Bass Lake Beach and Campground:
    • Roger discussed the sand from the Highway Dept. and the check Received on April 30, 2018
2) Rent of 8% was discussed for the campground.       Motion was made and passed.              4 members voting yes and 1 member abstained. Motion of 8% increase amounting to $400 per year for 2018. Attorney Wallsmith agreed with the board.   –     -::::._. -, l)    

(Sand, rock and Building)

  • 1) Larry (Manager) presented info that 700 tons of sand had been brought in.                                      .,

2) Presented a trash can proposal for large professional containers

  • Board ask the bills for handicap bathrooms in the buildings be Re-submitted.
  • Koontz Lake access was discussed GIS – non-taxable

Greg Mundt

7:00 Comments from the Audience and Board

7:15   Meeting adjourned