08-08-2017 Meeting Minutes

Starke County Park Board Minutes
August 8th, 2017

  1. Roll Call
  2. Present: Chris, Debbie, Rose, Roger
  3. Absent: Butch
  4. July 11th SCPB Minutes
  5. Passed 4-0
  6. Starke County Forest
  7. Mr. Wakeland spoke of the repairs needed on the road through the forest. He said sand
    would not fix the problem and said, the Starke Co. Highway Sup. suggested asking the
    county for funding to use stone as a repair. He spoke that funds up to $20,000 may be
  8. Timber was marked for harvest on 8-8-17, though number have not yet been ran. This
    summer harvest shows many benefits over traditional winter timber harvest times. It
    may be possible to open bids in October. Typical bids require 25% down and 75% due
    at logging.
  9. A motion was made and a vote passed 4-0, To allow a 7 & 13 acre patch to of timber to
    go out for bidding.
  10. The SCPB was billed for the trapping of 2 beavers in the County Forest, totaling $150.
    the bill will be turned in to the auditors office.
  11. Beach and Campground update
  12. Conversations held on the seawall and foundation problems of the beach house. Rick
    showed blueprints of the building and explained how the maintenance that has not been
    completed is causing the problems. It was explained that glacial stone should be placed
    along the base of the wall to prevent further damage to the structure. Debbie said, She
    was very concerned for several reasons about the tenet and employees. Roger said,
    we’re working on it.
  13. Grant Update from Carola Heiltedt
  14. The grant was not delivered in time, it part from lack of local funding.
  15. The site that was suggested for a river access point was discussed. The site is not as
    parking friendly as wanted. It was discussed that as we move forward, we should look
    for a site that is more accessible to vehicles.