02-14-2017 Meeting Minutes


February 14, 2017   6:00 PM


The Board of Directors of the Starke County Park Board held the regular meeting on February 14, 2017 at the Starke County Annex Meeting room. Roger Chaffins, president, called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM.

Roll Call – Present: Debbie Mix, Rosie Rose and Butch Gerstandt. Mr. Martin Lucas, County Attorney was also present.

Absent: Roger Chaffins, Christopher Lawrence

Pledge of Allegiance –

Minutes – Minutes from the January meeting were unavailable. OLD BUSINESS:

Year Plan – It was announced that the Park Board meeting will be suspended at 6:30 pm for the required Public Meeting for the Plan. The Park Board meeting will resume right after the Plan’s Public Meeting.

Bass Lake Beach & Campground – Inspection report from the Dec. 4 meeting at the BLBC is still unavailable. Mr. Lucas suggested that Debbie contact the County Building inspector again to provide a report and perhaps attend the Planning board meeting tomorrow night. We are at a stand-still without the inspection report. Mr. Lucas stated that the Park Board may need to get an independent inspection if the County inspector isn’t able to make the report from the Dec. 4th visit.

6:30 PM – The Park Board meeting is suspended until the end of the Public Hearing of the S.C. Park Board’s Year Plan.

6:54PM – The Park Board meeting resumed.

Discussion continued about the Park Board’s necessity to obtain an Inspection Report. Inspection results will allow this board to provide the 30-day notification of work to be done, if necessary, as required by the lease.

County Forest – Mr. Bruce Wakeland was present but had no concerns to bring up at  this meeting.  It was noted that the County Surveyor, Mr. Bill Crase, wants to meet at the Forest to discuss the flooding issue. Mr. Crase will determine a day and time and the Park board will be notified once they have been determined. Mr. Lucas will also be invited to attend.


A question came up whether the County would be willing to take on a leasing role on the North Judson Erie Trail as described in the Year Plan. Is a motion necessary to make this happen?  Discussion helped to make it clear that the Park Board would entertain the idea if it was presented and then make a recommendation to the Commissioners.

Mr. Mike Reese of the Troyer Group confirmed that the Park Board’s Year Plan has been sent to the IN Dept. of Natural Resources (IDNR) before the January 15 deadline. He’s waiting to hear back from the IDNR with their recommendations of what else needs to be included in the Plan.

The next meeting is on Tues., March 14, 2017, 6:00 PM, at the County’s Annex meeting room.

With no further discussion, a motion was made and seconded (Lawrence-Rose), and the meeting was adjourned at 7:20P.M.

Respectfully Submitted, Debbie Mix, Secretary