01-10-2017 Meeting Minutes

Starke County Park Board Minutes January, 10th 2017

6:00 p.m.

  1. Roll Call
    1. Present: Debbie MixRoger Chaffins, Rosie Rose, Butch Gerstandt, Chris Lawrence

8. Absent:

  1. Election of Board Officers
    1. President Elect: Debbie Mix (5-0)

8. Vice President Elect: Roger Chaffins

C. Secretary: Christopher Lawrence

Ill. Presentation by Troyer Group. Steve Ruby and Mike.

  1. Reported that the 5 yr. Park Plan would be submitted to the state on Friday. 364 park surveys were filled out within a ten-day window (good turnout). The trail would be included in the Syr. plan submitted.
  2. Questions arose on the counties AD plan and they were advised to contact the clerks office.
  3. Photographs of the park properties were requested to be submitted to Troyer Group asap to possibly be submitted in the 5-yr. plan.
  4. Presentation by Starke County Forest property manager. Bruce Wakeland.
    1. Continued complaints of drainage.

8. Device installed to correct the problem was not installed properly. -Trying to fix on his own.

  • There has been vandalism to the lane (between ponds) causing sever erosion. The person doing the complaining on the drainage has admitted to Mr. Wakeland that he was the one that did the damage in November.
  • Mr. Wakeland was pleased to be working with the new drainage board and surveyor.
  • Meeting Adjourned