06-21-2016 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was Called to Order by V. President, Deb Mix at 6:00 pm. Mr. Chaffins is absent for medical reasons.

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call – Butch Gerstandt, Deb Mix, Rosie Rose, and Chris Lawrence The County Attorney, Mr. Martin Lucas was also in attendance. Absent: Roger Chaffins

Minutes – Ms. Rose made a motion to accept the May minutes as written with Mr. Lawrence seconding it. The motion carried.

Starke County Forest – Mr. Bill Crase, County Surveyor called Ms. Mix and spoke about the beaver dam at the forest. He noted that he had received a call from a neighbor east of the forest and Mr. Crase went to the forest to inspect the situation out there. Mr. Crase noted that the beaver dam had been removed and the water level was fine. He told Ms. Mix that if the water levels remain as they were when he inspected, then there will be no problem regarding the beavers. If the dam is rebuilt and the water levels rise again he’ll have to take steps to prevent the rise again. With the beaver dam removed, the water seems to be flowing as normal.

Beach and Campground – Mr. Todd Wallsmith notified the board that he will be taking over for his father, David Wallsmith.                                             He also noted that Mr. Callahan is in Florida with eye surgery and will return when he can. Ms. Mix asked for a copy of the insurance and Mr.

Wallsmith noted that the insurance is still in effect from last year. Ms. Mix asked about the liability insurance and workers comp coverage for Mr. Callahan’s employees. Mr. Wallsmith agreed to provide the workers comp information before the next meeting. To date, no receipts have been accepted or received. A reminder was given that capital improvement expenditures must be approved in advance. Mr. Wallsmith noted as far as receipts go, they will be presented at the next meeting. The board thanked him and stated that all receipts and expected expenditures need to be presented to the board 2 weeks prior to the next meeting.

The commissioners have asked that the park board begin on a Five-Year Plan.  Attorney Lucas stated that the inventory of properties should be included in the 5-yr. plan. There are several areas that provide access to Bass Lake as well as in Railroad township and Koontz lake. Ms. Mix stated that we need to get a more inclusive list from the Auditors office.

The 5-yr. plan from the Knox Park Board can be used as a guide. Mr. Lawrence will check with the Knox Park board and Ms. Rose will check with the North Judson Park board. Mr. Chris Lawrence will take the lead on the 5-year plan.

Larry Clarich, the assistant manager of the BLBC, stated he’s been working on the fence along side of the beach and it was noted that it was visible that the fence has been straightened out and is still in progress. He also noted that 60 lbs. of asphalt grindings have been used to fill in on the roads. Discussion about the beach fence took place and Mr. Rick Anderson from the audience requested that the fence be removed. Mr. Clarich stated that the fence is necessary to prevent children from running into the road from the beach side since there isn’t a ditch to deter them. Attorney Lucas agreed that the fence is necessary and the park board was in agreement

Regarding the drainage problem on the beach side along the fence, Ms. Mix spoke with Surveyor Bill Crase and he suggested that the issue be brought up to the Drainage Board. They may be able to help.

Mr. Clarich requested signage for the beach side roads to reflect a 10-mph limit.  Mr. Lawrence made a motion to request from the Commissioners that the highway dept provide and install six (6) signs for 10mph for the beach area and the inner roads. The motion was seconded by Mr. Gerstandt and a vote carried the motion.

Mr. Clarich also requested assistance from the county to help remove about 7 trees that are infected by the ash bore beetles. The park board said they will take it into consideration. He asked about the inspection of the BLBC and if they would notify him. He was told they would come whenever and let him know they have arrived to inspect the area.

Audience comments: Mr. Rick Anderson from the Bass lake Property Owners Assn. made comments. His concerns included the fence and he believes it should be removed. Another item he brought up was the condition of the pavilion and that it doesn’t have a store or food access in it and he believes that is a part of the lease and it’s not being followed. He noted that the BLBC is the best asset in Starke County and it needs to become the first-class beach and campground it was intended to be. He believes the 5-yr. plan should be started and goals need to be set forth in it to make improvements.

With no further discussion or questions, the meeting was adjourned by a motion from Ms. Rose and seconded by Mr. Gerstandt at 7: 15pm.                                               Next meeting is July 19, 6pm at the annex.

Respectfully submitted, Debbie Mix