03-15-2016 Meeting Minutes

Roll Call- D Mix, R Chaffins, R Rose, Chris Lawrence

Mr. Lawrence was introduced as the new appointment from Judge Kim Hall, since Skyler Ellinger notified him that he will be moving out of the County. All welcomed Mr. Lawrence.

Ms. Mix stated she didn’t want to remain secretary. No one else agreed to take the minutes. After discussion, a motion to make Mr. Chaffins President and Deb Mix as Vice President/Secretary was made by Rosie, seconded by D Mix. A vote was taken and the motion carried.

Minutes -Roger made a motion to accept the November minutes as written with Rosie 2nd ‘ing it. The motion carried.

The minutes from December weren’t available and a recap of the meeting was provided by those in attendance so the minutes could be written up by the secretary. A letter was sent to Mr. Callahan by Mr. Ellinger and that letter was the basis for the minutes in December.

Forest Update – Mr. Wakeland was not present. We would like an update on the beaver situation.

Beach and Campground – Mr. Callahan nor his attorney, Mr. Wallsmith, were present. Seasonal campers from the

campground were in attendance, including a couple that has been assigned by Mr. Callahan to help in his absence. It was noted that the beach will be open to the public on or about May 1st_ There will be people at the campground from April 1st

to start the preparation and cleanup of the grounds.

A question was asked about restricting or perhaps making an ordinance of glass bottles being prohibited on the beach. The board discussed this and it seems this is a common sense issue. However, we will check to see if there’s an ordinance or Indiana Code that prohibits glass containers on a beach.

The board also talked about Mr. Callahan needing to provide 2 or 3 proper bids to do capital improvement projects. In addition, we suggested that he should also be getting bids on the maintenance issues, but that is a suggestion. He will need to pull permits to do work where the county requires permitting, including electrical work, plumbing and repairs of any structures.

A motion was made by Debbie, and seconded by Rosie, that the secretary will need to write a letter that notes Mr. Callahan has 30 days to have the concession building approved by the Health Inspector. In the letter, it will mention that the gazebo needs to be repaired and a County permit is required. A vote was taken and the motion carried with one abstention by Mr. Lawrence.

Commissioner Kathy Norem had brought to the attention of the Park Board that there is a grant from OCRA that may assist us in getting money to help with the agenda of the park board. The grant requires a 5-year plan is already approved and we don’t have one yet.  Discussion about how to get a 5-year plan started took place.  Can we get an intern from PNC or another college to help write one? We will check with Mr. Vendl on how to go about this.

With no further discussions or questions, the meeting adjourned at 6:45pm Next meeting is April 19, 6pm at the annex. The next few dates for the Park board will be on April 19, May 17, and June 21, all at 6 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Debbie Mix Secretary