February 8

Starke County Parks Board Minutes February 8, 2022


Present: Richard Ballard, Kathy Norem, Rik Ritzler, Karl Swihart

Meeting was called to order by R.Ballard at 6:00.

Approval of minutes from January 13, 2022. R.Ritzler made motion, K.Swihart seconded. Passed

Approval of financial reports as presented. R.Ritzler made motion, K.Norem seconded. Passed

Park Superintendent job posting is posted. No applicants at this time.

Update on 5 year plan. KIRPC completed the plan. Is posted in various areas/websites. Will
discuss more at the March meeting.

Camper rates. Due dates will be April 1 & July 1 ($1150/payment). R.Ritzler made motion,
K.Norem seconded. Passed 4-0

Fees to be posted on Facebook & the website. $2300/season. $50/storage rate.
Campground will not be plowed or maintained to have access to anything in storage. Allowed
to remove if campers choose & able to access area. The 2022 lease agreement will also be on
the website.

Will switch the email on the website to link to go to Rik’s email.

Pier slips $600/campers $700/non-campers (season) 10% discount if you pre-pay.

Karl will check on new piers that were approved from Larry’s Marine.

Approval of claims ($300) and paying routine utilities. K.Swihart made motion, R.Ritzler
seconded. Passed 4-0

Dave Pearman, County Council, here to show council support & to discuss beach area at Koontz
Lake & the signage to limit amount of vehicles there.

Mary, Bass Lake Festival, asked for approval to use the beach area again this year. The festival
will be July 30-31. K.Norem made motion, R.Ritzler seconded. Passed 4-0.

Adjourn meeting at 6:42. K.Swihart motion, R.Ritzler seconded. Passed 4-0


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