Board Members

Board Member Bios 

(From Right to Left)

Starke County Park Board President Richard Ballard is an attorney with a law practice in Knox. He was appointed to the park board in 2020, and his goal is to make Starke County even greater than it already is. 

Christopher Lawrence lives in the rural Hamlet area and owns a lawn and landscape business. He wants to bring higher standards to Starke County’s existing parks and add more recreational areas for county residents and visitors. 

Rik Ritzler is the Starke County Highway Superintendent and has served on the park board since 2019. He lives at Bass Lake and wants to create a long-term plan for the future of Starke County’s parks that advances on the strides the county has already made. 

Rosemary Rose is a charter member of the Starke County Park Board. She lives at Bass Lake and worked at Bass Lake State Beach as a teenager, which is how she earned money to pay for college. She retired after 20 years with the Knox Community School Corporation and chose to serve on the park board in order to make Starke County’s parks more desirable and enjoyable. 

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