June 16

01-23-2018 Meeting Minutes


Starke County Park Board Minutes


December Minutes: Passed 3-0. Chris abstained due to missing Dec. meeting Officers: Roger Chaffins, President; Debbie Mix, VP; Chris Lawrence, Secretary. Passed 5-0

Starke County Forest: Chris volunteered to put together a proposal on grooming a snow trail in winter months as weather allows. He would like to groom all trails in the forest, including the currently closed sections at no cost or obligation to the county.

Discussion on Grant Projects: Discussions held on various improvements that could be made; Including using county resources to save on costs.

Marty spoke on a very promising grant possibility for the forest ($5000-$20,000). Vote taken to post RFP #1 for beach proposal: passed 5-0

Meeting Adjourned 7:27pm


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